Auto-size dynamic panels and text widgets

Chuck Kao shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

With today's dynamic web pages, I have to prototype a lot of animation. I can get things to work with JIM, but it's really a pain. For example, to simulate an expanding/collapsing div, you have to use dynamic panels. Ok, I get that.

But now I add text to my dynamic panels. Each time I fiddle with the text or styling, it can change the text widget height needed to display the full text. So now I have to edit every text widget to ensure all the text fits.

But now my text has grown and doesn't fit in the panels. So now I have to edit every panel height as well.

And you just can't do it roughly with the mouse. Each panel or text widget height determines the vertical spacing above and below it. So if you want your prototype to look clean with fixed spacing between each element, you have to manually fit every widget and panel.

This and not being able to style parts of text are the 2 biggest reasons keeping me from purchasing JIM.

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Hi Chuck,

I'm sorry to hear you are frustrated with the dynamic panels. We are preparing some usability improvements for the dynamics panels for the next update that will make it easier to select them. Just remember that you can select a dynamic panel using the Outline view located at the bottom right.