Assigning generic Sans-Serif font tag to all text components

David Fonseca shared this question 5 years ago

Is there a way to just assign the generic sans-serif font CSS to all text? Even when using google fonts, if someone views the prototype without the font installed it defaults to their browser font which is usually Times Roman in User Note. Why is this? Please help. Prototype looks horrible on other computers even when posted to Usernote!!

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Hi David,

We need to know if you had installed the font into your system before installing the Google Font. Also, if you don't mind, could you send us your prototype in order to run some tests? You can send the prototype to

Best regards.


Yes. Im using Roboto. First try was just downloading the font and installing into my system and then exporting to Usernote. When the update came out to add Google Fonts directly in Prototype Pro, I tried that. Neither is seeming to work.

Also I notice that if I open the project in Prototype and forget to load the font, it wipes it out and leaves all the font designations blank which could have been the problem. I just exported a new one to User Note but its private so I will invite Jim in to view.

Thanks for responding. If I can better understand the workflow, we might be able to fix this.