Application freezes when file selection dialogs are open.

Kade Schemahorn shared this problem 4 years ago

Twice now in two days I've experienced this problem (and lost some work because of it).


Selected Browse to find an image. While the file selection dialog was open, Justinmind prompted me to update. At this point, no button worked on either dialog. I tried everything to trigger it to unfreeze. Had to force quit.


I went ahead and updated and turned off auto-updates after incident 1. Then, I tried to export a screen. While attempting to select a destination folder, I clicked "New Folder". Froze again, no response. Had to force quit.

I'm on a newish 15" Macbook Pro running Mavericks with max memory and a solid state drive. I don't think I've missed any updates, so the release of Justinmind for incident 2 is the latest and incident 1 is the one just prior to that.

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Hi Kade,

I've forwarded Incident 1 to the development team so it can be resolved for future versions.

Regarding Incident 2, this is a known issue and the buton does not exist in the dialog for versions 6.1 or 6.2. In these versions, if you use the 'New Folder' keyboard shortcut you will have the same issue as in incident 2.