Animation events when setting active dynamic panel - like page load

Ian Mann shared this question 4 years ago

Hi there,

When I animate between screens, I can set a series of events to happen on 'page load'. However if I have a number of active panels - I can't, without a very long process, get animations to happen each time one of them becomes active.

Example: I have an iPhone picture in the background of an iPad prototype. I have a few screens, created in individual active panels, one of them has a 'download' button which takes me to the next active panel which is a registration form. I want to make it look like the text is quickly being written in each of the fields of the registration form. Then when I click submit it goes to the next active panel.

Currently I have to cover each letter with a white rectangle and then when I click 'download' on the previous active panel, that one button has to do like 50 'hide' rectangles on the next dynamic panel. If i was to go back it wouldn't reanimate as they'd already be shown.

I want a panel, when it becomes active, to go through a series of animations, like with page load.

Hope there's a solution.

Many thanks,


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Hello Ian,

This sounds like a very specific case. Could you please provide your prototype so that I can look into this further?