Allow to enable / disable actions

mogarick shared this idea 5 years ago

Currently when you are "debugging" your prototype looking for an action or actions that are making your prototype to behave weird or something you need to delete actions and add them again as you progress tracing the problem root cause.

This means you have to remember such actions and then add them again.

I would be great JIMP allows to disable / enable actions so we don't have to re work.

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Great idea! Some other users also want some kind of debugging system for Prototyper as well.


Was this ever added? I was about to suggest the same primitive "debug" feature. It would save me lots of time. In fact, one thing I started doing was creating a "dummy" interaction within the event with an outrageous condition that should never be satisfied. I temporarily cut/paste the action into that interaction while confirming it's effect/non-effect on my issue.

It is still easy to forget to move things back and wonder later why something is broken, so it would also be great to have a report of some type (or list) of all disabled actions and where they are located could help "manage" the debugged locations across the entire prototype.

Let us know if this is being considered for new version. Thanks!