Allow "self" to be the targeted component on events

Josh Cates shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

When adding an event that allows me to select a target component, I want to be able to select "self", or something like that, so that the component with the event is targeted.

For example, if I have an image_1, and add an on click event to hide the image, I would select "self" as the target component to show/hide, instead of "image_1". This would allow me to then copy that interaction to image_2, image_3, etc, without having to edit the interaction.

This would also simplify something like a pick list, where the event is usually going to change the value of another component, but all the options in the pick list are going to update the same component. I could create one event on the first pick list option to change the value of text_1 to "self", and then copy that interaction to every other pick list option.

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Now you can use the 'events broom' tool to do that.