All images appearing on initial page load

Ian Mann shared this problem 5 years ago

In my prototype I have a menu that appears in a dynamic panel when I press a button.

However when I first go onto that page on my iPad, for about 1/4 of a second, the menu appears on the screen and then disappears (as if it has loaded the final outcome).

It's only small but makes it look like it is glitching and happens every time I go on to a page with this clickable menu.

I have a work around which is a jpeg of the screen which I set over the top of everything and set it to 'Hide' on page load. But that image is 0.5mb and I have an awful lot of screens to do so the file size will increase considerably.

Many thanks,


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How did you hide that menu? If you did it using an on page load event, try removing that event and marking the menu as hidden using the 'eye' icon in the properties panel.


You sir..... are a genius!

Thanks again for your quick replies, it's very much appreciated