Add "Add to Masters" on right-click menu and enable drag to create Master.

Michael Magoon shared this idea 7 years ago

I find the workflow for creating a master to be difficult to remember. Everytime I have to do it, I need to look it up in the user manual. It does not make sense to me to click the " + " to create something that I already created.

1) I think that it would be much easier if a new item: "Add to Masters" is included on the right-click menu whenever I select a widget on the main view. This should be easy to implement and simplifies the workflow.

2) Another possibility would be to drag a widget from the main view to the Masters panel. I can create a "My Widget" in this way, so it seems reasonable to expect, I could create a Master in this way. This is more mouse-intensive than right-click, but it is more intuitive.

3) I know that this has been discussed elsewhere, but I think Masters does not belong on the Contents panel. For me, Masters are conceptually very similar to "My Widgets", so it should be a third tab in the Components panel. Other apps do it this way.

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Great suggestions Michael. We will certainly take them under consideration for future updates.