Add mouse events "on Right Mouse Down" and "on Right Mouse Up" and update icons Mouse submenu to reflect available options

Dave shared this idea 4 years ago

Currently, the mouse events submenu looks like this:


There is "on Click", "on Mouse Down", "on Mouse Up", and "on Right Click", but no corresponding "on Right Mouse Down" or "on Right Mouse Up". In addition, the icons for the existing mouse events are all the same — they're the icon for "on Click".

I propose two new events: "on Right Mouse Down" and "on Right Mouse Up", as well as the following set of icons to reflect the rich diversity of mouse events:

on Mouse Down

on Mouse Up

on Right Click

on Right Mouse Down

on Right Mouse Up

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Hello Dave,

Thank you for taking time to provide JustInMind with feedback. We will be sure to keep your considerations in mind for future versions.