Action moves component by (height of another group) when move of 1px (edit: or even 0px!) is requested.

Dave shared this problem 4 years ago

I have an image in one group within a dynamic panel using vertical layout that is supposed to move a neighboring group by (-1,-1) on mouseover. On mouseleave, it moves it by (1,1) to put it back where it originally was.

Unfortunately, instead of moving it by (-1,-1) on mouseover, it moves it by (0,125). On mouseleave, it moves it again by (0,125), so that it jumps down the page and disappears out of view very quickly.

In fact, as a troubleshooting technique, I changed the move to (0,0) in both directions, and it still jumps by 125px at a time. That, incidentally, is exactly height of each of the groups in the dynamic panel.

More specifically, I changed the height of the 1st group to 145px, and now the 2nd group moves in increments of 145px, so it's moving by the height of the 1st group, for whatever reason.

I̶s̶ ̶t̶̶h̶i̶s̶ This is definitely an artifact of the layout property on the containing dynamic panel: I changed the parent panel to "Free Layout" and the effect works as expected. Unfortunately, this means that I cannot take advantage of the (not inconsiderable) benefits of vertical layout.

I would very much like some feedback on whether this is a bug or whether there's something I can do to overcome this limitation.

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This bug is now blocking my work.

Even when the button that is attempting to (incrementally) move the group is *within* the group, the same thing happens. I guess that it's only possible to move the first group when "Vertical Layout" is in effect?

I require vertical layout, because I have hidden elements that become visible under certain conditions, and I need all the following elements to move downward accordingly.

Is there some magic word I have to say to get someone at Justinmind to read or respond to this bug report?


I discovered a workaround, so I am no longer blocked, but others may run into this, so...

To move a (second-or-subsequent?) group in a dynamic panel with "vertical layout", by an offset, use "To position" as though it was "By offset."

That is, to move "Group_2" up and to the left by 1px, create an action to move it "To position" (-1,-1). To return it to its position, move it "To position" (0,0).

Is this related to another bug that I have reported: ?

In containers with "Vertical layout" enabled, is movement broken?