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dave shared this problem 5 years ago

The PC I previously had Justinmind installed on no longer works and has been replaced. I have installed the latest version on my new laptop. Could you please tell me how to access this with the account I ran on my old PC. I cannot start the old PC to retrieve any licence files. Thanks.

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Here are the links that can help you:

moving the key to another computer -

I lost my subscription key. How can I recover it?

You will find your subscription key inside Your account settings

What should I do when I change my computer?

You should unregister / deactivate your Prototyper copy from the old computer and register a new copy to the new computer. Find the instructions to move a Prototyper copy here.

If those links don't solve your issue, please email as they manage the licenses.


Thanks John, but i can't "de-register" the key on the old is toast and can't even be booted up. When I enter the key in the latest version downloaded to the new laptop it says I can't have duplicate and must deregister the previous. Bit of a catch 22 if I can't start the old PC..?


Please send a request to