Access Content from Multiple Data Masters via a Common "Key".

George Amend shared this question 6 years ago

Given two or more Data Masters all sharing a common key, how do you publish content from Data Master B in frame B after selecting specific content in Data Master a Frame A.

For example. Frame A is a narrow Data Grid located to the left of Frame B. Frame A contains a list of "Reviews" offered regarding a single project. When the user selects the specific "Review" from the list in Frame A the corresponding Data Master content (the complete review), should be displayed in Frame B. The demographic content contained in Data Master C should be then displayed in Frame C above Frame B. Each Data Master Content being identified by the predesignated "Key".

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Wow, that is going to be a cool prototype indeed. Ok, that's what you have to do:

First you will need a variable to store the 'selected review', so create one (let's say we call the variable 'a')

Then select the thing inside the Reviews Data Grid that the user will have to click on (for instance, the title) and create this event:

on Click -> set value -> variable 'a' -> value is (click 'calculated') -> drag the row of the reviews data grid to the expression (to do so place the cursor near the left side of the data grid until it turns into an arrow, then drag it to the expression).

Once the event is created select the down arrow icon next to the word 'do' in the event you just created. Then select 'add action' so we will add an action that will happen just after that event. That action will be like this:

set value -> data grid in frame b (select it using the tree) -> value is (click 'calculated') -> filter (data master B, datamasterb.key = select(variable a, datamastera.key))

Finally add another action like the last one for the frame C.

I made an example for you


Hi, I tried following your instructions but I think I'm missing something or perhaps are the steps are different with the new version. I have a table with 3 columns. I am attempting to set the value to the row as you describe and I kept getting variable = undefined. I tried setting it to the specific input, the data table....all say undefined. Any suggestions?


Make sure you are dragging the values onto the expression in the expressions builder. You have to drag them, selecting them is not enough.