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safura vaez shared this question 13 months ago

Design one prototype with justinmind, but i can not access to it after a month. i see my justinmind is trial version but i need just to before prototype and do not want to design new. why do i buy it when i do not need ?please help me to access before designed prototype without charge it.

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Hi there,

Can you elaborate more on what you mean?



Hi Sonia,

I design one prototype about one month ago free account, after a month i try to open it but i see this message :

" your free trial has expired

you or another user has already tried JustinMind in this computer.Upgrade now to keep this amazing feature:......"

that force me to upgrade JustinMind. I do not need it to design another prototype and need it just to get last prototype and use my prototype for every time, today and future. can i access it without buying JustinMind.

please help me



Dear Safura,

Unfortunately not. Once the 30-days trial has expired the account and the prototypes will be deleted after 10 days and in case you want to open and use a prototype the only possibility wold be upgrading Justinmind.

Sorry for any inconvenience.