Ability to use saved style settings for the Change Style interaction

jbotnik shared this idea 7 years ago

I'm seeing myself having to redo style the same exact style settings when I add a Change Style to another object. It would be great to be able to save style settings as a group. With this you could cut down on re-doing work and either use the exact same style settings or tweak a setting or two from a saved style if needed.

@justinmind You guys have done an impeccable job and there's so many ways to improve this product for us UX designers/developers. I'm really excited about it.

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Thanks! We know there is a lot work to do yet (and we are excited about that!) and these suggestions are just gold for us.

PD: be careful, @justinmind is the name of a twitter user but it's not us, if fact is a pretty funny guy...