"Share Prototype" crashes with "Unexpected Error"

Christian Moser shared this problem 5 years ago

We have a prototype that was originally created with 5.0 and then updated to 5.5. We are using Prototyper 5.6 now and want to share the prototype to UserNote.

But everytime we try to upload the prototype, we get the error message "Unexpected error". Could you please help us to solve this problem!

Thank you.


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Hi Christian,

could you try to do the following steps, please?

1. Create a new prototype, add one or two shapes and upload to Usernote.

2. Go to www.justinmind.com/usernote and try to connect with your username and password. Then, try to upload a .vp file using the browser.

Also, do you have any troubles to commit all the changes of your shared project?

Best regards.