"Error File" while trying to open my prototype

Israel Torres shared this problem 5 years ago

While working on my prototype, I got an error saying something like "Sorry, there was a problem" and then crashed. Then, while trying to open the prototype, I get a "File Error".

Some of the log file content:

[main ] [2013-07-30 17:02:14] INFO com.justinmind.prototyper - Execute operation: com.justinmind.evc.operations.MoveIItemOperation@22559755 Model:com.justinmind.evc.model.actions.RowCell Parameters: [name:destinationFormItemsGroup value:com.justinmind.evc.model.actions.ItemGroup@21425f0fPossible Values:null, name:previousItem value:nullPossible Values:null, name:Point value:Point(34,18)Possible Values:null, name:Size value:(120,20)Possible Values:null]

[main ] [2013-07-30 17:02:14] ERROR com.justinmind.prototyper - Editpart hierarchy error detected while trying to get the root editpart.

[main ] [2013-07-30 17:02:14] ERROR com.justinmind.prototyper - The current editpart( z( com.justinmind.evc.model.actions.AttributeForm@d029f4 ) ) couldn't find its parent:

[main ] [2013-07-30 17:02:14] ERROR com.justinmind.prototyper - ATTENTION: the next information is the current viewer editpart hierarchy(first 10 levels). Notice that the current editpart could belong to another viewer!!!


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Could you please open the Justinmind Prototyper and go to File -> Recover Prototype and try to recover the last one that works?


The prototype cannot be opened on Justinmind Prototyper. See the photo below.

Then, when I go to File-> Recover Prototype, nothing happens.

I am using Justinmind Prototyper Pro Edition 5.5 on Mac OS X version 10.8.4 43ef61c6c0736a1eb7ddeaa01a7d862a


Hi Israel,

please send your prototype to jim.support@justinmind.com

Best regards



I have had the same problem.

I send you the prototype at same email direction.

Thank you.