Creating custom widget – Dropdown checklist

Liza Plotnikova shared this question 5 years ago


I am a new Justinmind user. I am working on building a form, that uses an input that is not a standard widget. What I have created is a dropdown-checklist like this: http://dropdown-check-list.googlecode.... I created it using dynamic panels. One panel is the collapsed drop-down, and the other is the expanded drop-down. I created a nice transition from one panel to the other. But now, I put a text input field underneath the dropdown in its collapsed state (the expanded state covers it)... and you can't click into it! I did not expect this. How can I create my custom drop-down?

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Hi Liza,

would you mind sharing with us your prototype? It's hard to imagine what's going on without seeing it. If you don't mind, please send it to

Best regards.