5.5 not displaying correctly in Win 8 Bootcamp Retina Display

andrew shared this problem 5 years ago


As you can see the widget names and the screen tabs are not displaying correctly. The widget names, as well as some other area not visible in the screen, as too small. The main work screen overlaps with the screen tabs making them very hard to read.

I am running a windows 8.1 on a bootcamped MBP with retina screen. I just installed the newest version this week.

More of an annoyance than a fatal flaw, but it would be nice to know when/if it will be fixed....

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Hi Andrew,

We are working in a new version and we will try to fix as soon as possible. This year will not be possible.

Maybe you can try to do one thing: reduce the resolution of the screen.

Sorry for the inconvenience