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30 implementation ideas for JIM

Andre Oliveira shared this idea 5 years ago

First off, JIM started growing on me a few months back. I come from another software (doesn't really matter which. Let's just say “the other one”) and I was really upset that I had to use JIM in my new company.

There are some small bugs that are still there, but since 5.6.1 a lot of them disappeared and now it is really pleasant to work with JIM.

As a new user and UX designer, and soon to be advocate, I would like to share with you my ideas of new implementations/upgrades to the software. The following are in no particular order:

1. Templates should be saved permanently in the templates menu. Where they are saved in my computer doesn't matter to me. They should always be loaded with the program, I don't want to have to search my computer every time I start a new prototype for the template with the settings.

2. Support vector files. This is really not a problem for me since I design my layouts in Illustrator and I can update them all the time (image linking rocks!), but it would be nice to have the possibility to import the vector images direct into JIM.

3. Please remember where my files were. When I open “Add Image” it would be nice to always go to the last folder that I used for this action. The same happens when saving a file. JIM should remember where I saved it for the last time. It has happened that I added a background image and then went to “save as...” to save a new version of the file, changed the name and saved. Only to find out later that it was in my “Images” folder... The only menu that remembers where I saved my stuff last time is the “Export to HTML”.

4. Please make CTRL+SHIFT+S “Save as...”

5. Also regarding shortcuts. Please allow me to use custom shortcuts.

6. More shortcuts!

7. Background images should have the same options as the “Image” container (Link, resize, open containing folder, and so on...)

8. Rotate Animate event, like move or resize (so much win these two! I love them)

9. I know that you make awesome software. But please allow me to put my logo on the exported prototype instead of yours. This is ok for the free version, but the premium?

10. Also on exported prototypes, it would be nice to export it with the comments closed.

11. Export screens as images. This would basically make an interactive screenshot of each page (and dynamic panels too). I know I would lose interactivity, but this might be nice specially for first contact with customers. Specially during the acquisition of new customers so they can't steal your work (a lot of bad people out there just trying to rob designers out of their espressos).

12. Templates allow me to select a default for widgets and kind of apply them. It is really not intuitive and more clicking than I would like. It would be nice to have those styles ordered more like “Character Styles” from InDesign. On a widget properties we could see which style the widget has and change it on the fly, just for that one widget.

13. Isolate widget to allow precise edit of the elements, meaning other items would be left out. Also good to edit groups. I am thinking now the same behaviour of Illustrator. This would be nice if there are a lot of elements cluttered that we cannot edit so easily. This might be done with a double-click or maybe a right-click and then “Isolate”.

14. Ability to change selection method from “Contained” to “Intersected”. I know that you want JIM to behave more like PowerPoint. But c'mom guys...

15. In the properties menu “Position and size” a checkbox for auto-resize. The widgets would behave just like the “Button” Widget. Resizing to contain the text, or elements. This would be extra-nice for DPs.

16. Cycle Dynamic Panels. In the Event Menu, allow me to select “next” panel, instead of just a specific one. Toggle works for two panels, but what if I want to go “through” the panels? It would be nice to go from A-Z, then again A-Z. But also A-Z-A, i.e. Either a Loop or back and forward.

17. Please, please, please. Add folders to the Outline.

18. Keep icons (events, visibility, comments) that are on top-left of the widgets small, even when zooming. Specially important when dealing with widgets that are small and the icon covers the widget (I know I can turn the icon visibility off). But the blown up icons don't look good either.

19. In the events tab. Center on the selected widget, instead of only moving the screen to show it.

20. It would be nice to have an extra icon (or bold text) in the “Outline” for DPs. Dynamic Panels are the butter and bread of JIM. All the other widgets are not that important. This should be highlighted in the Outline.

21. Custom styles of upload, date, lists, and so on...

22. Breaking a master should not put the widgets that were in the master inside a DP...

23. ... items that are inside a DP should be “breakable”.

24. “Move”, “Resize”, etc... should be doable via a variable or dynamically via a condition. Really important for fluid layouts. Something like “With this widget moves, move the other widgets too”. (Maybe this is possible already, if so I didn't find a way).

25. Date should be able to use DD/MM/YYYY and DD/MM and DD/MM/YY ... and so on... US is awesome. But other countries have other systems...

26. More “widgets” for scenarios. “Screen”, “action”, “decision” are not enough...

27. Save grids or a grid menu (eg. InDesign).

28. Repeat event, loop, A-B-A-B, back and forward and so on...

29. The widget “Text Input” should have a “Value”, that should be used as a “Hint” of what this container wants the user to do. For example in a subscription page, instead of having a label tell the user what this field is for, the field could contain the hint and as soon as the user types something the hint is erased. I know a workaround this using onFocus and so on... but this is a lot of work for something that could be simply done in the Properties panel.

30. The last thing (that I already mentioned in the forum) you guys lack documentation/tutorials. I saw already some comments regarding this (some awfully impolite by the way). I managed to get past the steep learning curve and would now say that I understand the software (somewhat).

The video tutorials are nice but not done carefully at all. Digging through “Justinmind's Community” is cumbersome and you end up learning by doing it, but not because you understand the logic behind it. You need to understand that a lot of us cannot code (heck, you even said that you want JIM to be more like PowerPoint than other design tools. PowerPoint is definitely not for coding).

It is really frustrating seeing someone with a doubt exactly the same as mine, and then they send you the prototype directly and that's the end of that thread! You should go back to the forum and post a solution for everyone to see.

Please take a look at digitaltutors. They really know how to explain and the courses there are organised showing workflow and different techniques to achieve the same results.

Well that's it. Consider this small review free of charge. There are a lot of use cases that you can use almost as I wrote it. Please do.

Keep on rockin'