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Dmitriy Fridlyand shared this question 5 years ago

i have 2 questions

1. when i duplicate the screen - its copied in a weird way. So i have couple tabs that trigger different dynamic panel states on a click and this functionality doesn't copy . I have to manually program those tabs again? other functionality is also effected. Is this a common issue?

2. say I have edit/save button on a 5 text fields form: when I click edit it's supposed to change background and enable 5 fields, and when i click save - change background and disable them. Right now I'm doing this one by one. I add event and within event I add action for each iteration. Isn't there a way to enable ALL 5 fields within one action?? Like select disable input and select multiple fields that you want to disable?? This is really annoying to keep adding those actions..

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I responded to your other email to jim.support@justinmind.com. Thanks.