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In his recent interview with PCAge, Justinmind’s Product Manager reveals the fusion of business, IT, wireframing and UX that combine to make a great digital product

Product Manager and Justinmind lynchpin Victor Conesa recently sat down with IT education institute PCAge, to share his thoughts on IT careers. Victor also talked about how he got where he is today, and his vision for the future of Information Technology.

On product management…

In the interview, you can read how Victor has evolved as Product Manager through trial and error, plus a lot of enthusiasm for making digital products. He reveals how he shifted from a purely product focus to a more global, strategic mindset, and the important lessons that he still carries with him.

On IT trends…

Wireframing and interactive prototyping are only going to become more important to the product development and management process, says Victor. The growing desire for software customization and the increasing recognition of usability as the differentiator between good and bad products mean that prototyping is more important than ever.

Read the rest of the interview on PCAge here

Cassandra is Marketing Lead at Justinmind


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