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Justinmind Prototyper helps overcoming the empty canvas fear

So there you are, in front of your computer/blank paper/napkin (??) Whatever you use to start mocking up a project. You have lots of instructions from your client, millions of ideas in your head, a timeline, a dateline, a budget, and, in front of you, a canvas… still empty.

Combining all the above factors is not easy, where should I start? Well… are you a hands on kind of developer? Then start creating with a prototype, like Justinmind Prototyper.

Have a blank canvas no more! The cool thing about a prototyping tool is that you can start filling up the empty screen right the way.
Let´s say you are developing a web app. Go to the components gallery and start drawing wireframes, basic stuff such form fields, menus, etc. You just have to drag and drop. You can even generate a specification document with notes and comments. Then start simulating: animations, events, actions, conditions and any kind of behavior rules, even with data. Export your design as an image in your documents or generate a HTML if you want it to be interactive.

Now, stop, take a deep breath, and get a feel of the flow, function and interaction of your creation. Ok, you find some bugs. No biggie. Correct them, with Justinmind Prototyper you can change anything in a matter o seconds, remember, even though it looks SO real, there is no coding, corrections are made in a snap

Now you have it, your prototype, on time, on budget. Ready for your client´s review. What happens next? That´s another story, or, in our case, a follow-up post.

Xavier Renom

About the Author

How to define, validate and review applications before starting to code are his thing. He is interested in everything related to web, mobile and desktop apps and how to prototype and simulate them before development starts. After hours he’s flexing his math muscles.

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