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How to present your great idea to the world?

Presentations aren’t easy. They must look like you’re just chatting, but there’s a lot of thinking and work behind a good speech and some images. Think Steve Jobs. No one presents like he did, he made it look so simple.

When you have a great idea, it’s a little like that too. You know how the website should be. You want it to do several things, to change others, and to react with other objects on the page. But the client, or the boss, or someone else, THEY JUST DON’T GET IT.

Simulate working software without programming

You’re a designer, and the programmer didn’t understand that tiny little detail and it makes a huge difference on the final product.

You’re a coder, and need to know what to code, before they start making design changes that will get you into trouble.

You’re a UX Designer, and need to test everything, but it takes too long and it’s very expensive to get it all tested.

That’s where JustInMind Prototyper comes in and makes a difference. It’s a powerful tool, and it has the superpower of simplifying things. It takes just a fraction of time to develop a full functioning prototype, so everybody involved on the project can see, understand, approve and start working on the real, final version.

In this post from boagworld, they tell us 7 great reasons why we should do wireframes. They don’t use any software to prototype, so their process requires more imagination from all the team, but it’s because they don’t know our product. 😀

The main advantages of prototyping with JustInMind Prototyper compared to just doing a wireframe are:

  • You get full functionality. You click, you go to another page. You fill a form, you get real data and can use it. You can get video working, or any other effect.
  • Team work made easy. With requirements linked to objects, and comments registered and exported to CSV files, you can always have every move, change or opinion there, just as you work, along with all software versions.
  • Get the client to work with you. Using our Server, you can show the client the prototype just as if it was a working website or software, even if he’s in other part of the world. You don’t have to explain, or trust his capabilities of imagining this white sheet of paper as a colourful website. What he sees is what he gets.
  • Testing. Ok, you can test a wireframe. Print several sheets of paper, and tell that old lady that it’s a website where she’ll buy her groceries. Or you can prototype it and she how she reacts to the real thing.
  • Cheaper projects. Testing done earlier, development just when everything’s approved, everybody working on the same version. Need to say more?

Prototype everything, and only code when approved

So, instead of coding a beta version, re-coding, changing the design twice and having to fix several tweaks, you can now prototype, change everything on JustInMind Prototyper and just having to do the hard work once.

Now you can save the cost of time, and energy, because we all hate redesigning and starting over, and fixing broken projects.

Start with wireframes, make a mockup, prototype, and then code

You only have to get to coding phase when everything’s approved. This way, you reduce time and costs. This is the basis of our project management technique, which will be explained here later.

Xavier Renom

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How to define, validate and review applications before starting to code are his thing. He is interested in everything related to web, mobile and desktop apps and how to prototype and simulate them before development starts. After hours he’s flexing his math muscles.

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