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How to save time by adding a prototyping phase to your project

It  may sound contradictory, but going straight from wireframe to code is not the best way to finish your project early. Normally, clients make several changes when they see the actual design, with colours and real text. Many of those are structural changes.

Structural changes are never easy to make, because they can affect all the project. So, if you have a prototype, it’s easier to change things and don’t have these modifications destroying everything.

Prototypes are like rehearsals of a play, or a movie: you can do them any way you want, modify, edit, test, and after everyone agrees, you do it smoothly and perfectly.

Probably, some co-worker will say a prototype isn’t necessary. Or maybe a boss, who wants to save money. But they will be the first ones to start changing the project, the scope, the budget, the features of the site. And as you add them, it will become a huge mess. Big projects that fail often go this way.

Explain to them that the site is a building, or a statue. You can first draw it, then you’ll create a model, with soft objects, like clay or wood. Re-do it bigger. Change things, see if everyone likes. Then you get marble, or diamonds, or any kind of object in which you don’t want to do any alteration. This is the way to a masterwork. If you want to change the stone pillars of a huge building, you’ve got a problem. If it’s only a model, there’s none. And it costs just a fraction to change a pebble from here to there, comparing to a big rock.

Never underestimate the headaches a badly planned project can bring. People say that every minute spent planning means two minutes you save re-doing something. So, next time you start a web project, or software development, think twice before skipping your prototype phase. Every detail specified, every feature tested and approved means you won’t have to re-work that later.

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