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How can I do usability tests online?

How can I do usability tests online?

One of the great advantages of using JustInMind Prototyper is doing collaborative work online. The Project Manager can be his office, the client in another town and the designers abroad. And they all will be able to view, annotate and share comments about it.

And the users?

Using JustinMind Server, the project can be made available online, and invited users can review the project, test it and comment, even before coding phase.

The project can be a perfectly functional prototype, with data behaviour and RIA events, just like the final software or website.

This prototype can have Google Analytics embedded, and look just like your new website or software. So, you can see how users react (even using those heat-maps Google Analytics provides), without even leaving your office.

It’s like launching your web before the development. After that you correct, and then you code.

After the prototype, what do I do?

You have the wireframe, the layout (or even more than one option), the data structure, but doesn’t know which one is better? Why not do the traditional A/B test?

* What if you had 3 site layouts working and could test among them?

With JustInMind Prototyper, you can create a fully functional prototype, simulating user interface, reaction and procedures. Get your prototype ready, find some users and just let them use your site or program.

You can do that online with our OnDemand service, or within your own server. Either way, you’ll have plenty of feedback.

* How can I record it?

You can use analytics, from any kind that inserts a HTML snippet. You can even insert video.

Analytics or a mouse/keyboard tracking system

There are several apps that allow you to track user’s reactions to your web. If they generate a HTML code, you can insert them on your prototype and track the users’ response. You can even use something like SilverBack to record and analyse their faces using the camera.

Tell us how you do it

Did you use JIM to create and test a prototype? Try it out, and tell us what you think.

If you’ve done anything like that, tell us.

If you want to reach us, leave a comment or drop us a line on twitter: @just_in_mind.

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